Which future for Yolanda Queiroz School’s children?

24 Mar

After getting a quality education at the Escolinha during seven years, children have to continue their schooling in a new establishment. Indeed, when they reach 11 years old, they have no choice than leave Yolanda Queiroz School. Since they were 4 years old, they have been taught many subjects such as Portuguese, mathematics, history, geography, English, sports and music. Thus, Monica GALEAO, the Escolinha‘s headmistress (read her interview here), told us that illiterate children leaving the school were very few. This education provides them with essential bases for their future life.


             However, their education may not have to stop here: thanks to a partnership with another university, UNIFOR offers them a prestigious opportunity.

Indeed, each year, the top two pupils of the last class promotion are allowed to continue their schooling in a renowned private school: the Colégio Ari de Sa Cavalcante. However, they have to take an “entry test” to finally be enrolled in this school. Afterwards, the Edson Queiroz Foundation will entirely finance their schooling in this establishment until they get to university. This process gives them the key to apply for the best universities all over the world later on.

Which future for them?

             Unfortunately, only two pupils out of about 70 are concerned. What happens to the rest of the class, we can genuinely wonder?

When they choose or can afford to continue their schooling, they usually go to a public secondary school, in their neighborhood. But compared to Yolanda Queiroz school, financial and staff means, here, are sadly lacking. Therefore, they can’t expect the same standard of education as they used to have at the Escolinha.

Besides, the teachers in La Escolinha told us that when former children came back to visit them, they said they missed their affection and attention a lot. Indeed, at the Escolinha, the educators try to be patient and kind to their pupils and really aware of their needs. They always take time to talk with the parents whenever their kid has a problem and do their best to find the appropriate solution.

“The children learn playing and playing they are happy”


To put all in a nutshell, regarding those children’s future, there is definitely a wide gap.

On one hand, only two of them will be offered the opportunity to reach a prestigious university while another minority will try to complete its educational cycle in a basic university unable to take all its students into account.

On the other hand, for the great majority of them, many have already dropped their high school studies and often get into trouble such as drug traffic, according to the Escolinha’s Headmistress.


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