Easter at the Escolinha

26 Apr

Preparing Easter at the Escolinha is a real run, but finally (and hopefully!) a real celebration! Behind the scene, it is a huge work: we had no time to breathe, having always something to do: things to pack, chocolate to hand out, boxes to bring, candies to gather, teachers to help, children to calm down…

Behind the scene... working hard!

Behind the scene… working hard!

The day (29/03/13)  began with little shows, prepared by each class: choral, dance, circus… as always, children were very glad and proud : it is true that some of them are quite gifted.

Unfortunately we could not attend those shows because we were working with other teachers. We were actually busy with getting small packs with candies ready which would  be given to the pupils later on.

Teamwork with candies!

Teamwork with candies!

As you can see in the picture below, everything was carefully planned; everyone had a specific task to fulfil so we had to be very reactive! Each gift had to be identical to the other, holding the same amount of chocolate and candies.Then we gathered them into a big box labelled to a specific class, and each teacher distributed them to his pupils after class.



We really enjoyed helping teachers for this Easter Celebration.

First of all ,it allowed us to meet other teachers we had never met before. Besides, it was a great experience to be part of a teamwork with Brazilian people. At last, it was indeed a  real pleasure to see all those children smiling when they received their candies.There’s nothing better !

FELIZ PáSCOA to everyone!

Children'smiles, our special easter gifts!

Children’smiles, our special easter gifts!


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