Who are we ?

We are 21 years old and we study at at Magistère de Gestion, Université Paris Dauphine. Presently in our 4th year at Paris Dauphine University, we are living in Brazil for 6 months, for an exchange with the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR).

Juliette F.

Juliette F.

For as long as I remember, even when I did not know yet which university I was going to go to, I have always known that I wanted to study abroad and to be part of a humanitarian project. Thus, my decision to choose Brazil after my first years in Paris was mostly reinforced by the fact that UNIFOR offered many social partnerships to work with local people. More precisely, University of Fortaleza is a dynamic and recent school reflecting the steady rise of Brazil in education and economics. Indeed, in the economic world, an experience in Brazil is very valuable owing to the increasing economic role of South America.

Moreover, being part of a humanitarian project, in partnership with a prestigious university, is a wonderful start for me and an opportunity to have a new insight and a different approach to social work from the Brazilian point of view.

Furthermore, I am a shutterbug and I have taken a photography course at UNIFOR. That way, I have decided to build on this experience and to document entirely our blog. I take all the pictures you will see with a NIKON D3000.

This humanitarian project is a great chance to capitalize on my earlier exchange experiences, to perfect my English and my inter-cultural skills; above all, it offers me the chance to learn Portuguese faster, a language that I have never studied before. Open-minded, I have spirit team and enjoy helping the others. The social partnership with La Escolinha that UNIFOR provides meets my academic needs and offers me the opportunity to discover another way of thinking and working.

I am very thankful to have this opportunity to help them. Being part of this program will make a difference in their lives, as well as mine.



Chloé A.

I have decided to do my exchange in Brazil, because of its growing role in the world economy and international business, which is linked to my field of studies. I have chosen Fortaleza University (Unifor) as it provides an ideal framework for students. Community life within this university is very developed and offers a lot of activities with modern infrastructure.

Therefore, I have the opportunity to play on the Fortaleza volleyball team: a good way to meet Brazilian people, to discover their culture, and even learn their language easier and faster. Thus, in Fortaleza, I hope to learn Portuguese and improve my English too, as the courses are all taught in this language and that will help me to communicate with other international students.

In addition, before arriving in Fortaleza, I noticed that the university supports many social projects. This aspect has also influenced my choice because, this semester abroad is a good opportunity to undertake a humanitarian project. Indeed, we have the time to help people and not only discover the developed part of the country.


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