Carnival 2013

Carnival is an annual festival in Brazil held 46 days before Easter.

As you may know, this is undoubtedly the most popular festival in Brazil and one of the most popular worldwide, attracting tourists from all corners of the planet. The city shuts down for the week and every inhabitants goes into party mode.

So we spent the last day before this week of holidays with the children at La Escolinha. We got involved in the preparation of the party, and we helped the teachers by watching children and getting them ready.



After a little speech from the headmistress, Ms Monica GALEAO, each class did a little parade with its teacher. We noticed that children wore very different carnival costumes. Most of them had typical Brazilian fancy dresses like you can see on the photo; others were dressed with American and European costumes, such as Batman for the boys or Superwoman for the girls. The children were dancing and singing, it was very cute! The headmistress told us that this moment was their favorite, the one they have been waiting for since the beginning of the carnival rehearsals. Sometimes, we had trouble stopping  them so we had to react and explain that their parade-time was over; but the atmosphere stayed relaxed.
Monica GALEAO's speech

Monica GALEAO’s speech

Children parading

Children parading

Children parading

Children parading

We had the opportunity to attend a “forro” demonstration, produced by teachers and children. Indeed, both had spent the weeks before learning all the carnival history and its culture. So they were very proud of their performance and it was a pleasure for our eyes and our ears! Vitality, dynamic and fun are the main words that represent the day we spent at La Escolinha. We felt very lucky to be here and share this moment with the children.

Forró's Demonstration

Forró’s Demonstration

Forró's Demonstration

Forró’s Demonstration

Then, it was the snack-time, so we helped the teachers bring the children into the canteen, making them wash their hands and sit down while we distributed the snack.

Snack Time

Snack Time

Finally, we finished the day playing with the children in the playground. As we did not speak Portuguese fluently, we had to find other ways to communicate but the teachers helped us and we really enjoyed these interactions.


It has been an amazing and colorful experience. We were entirely entranced by this energy, and we got a true understanding of how Brazilian life and their culture are. The educational staff was great and answered all our questions, making sure we understood what we had to do.

One teacher told us that there were children who did not have anything to eat at their home, so they arrive starved at school in the morning. That is why the snack-time is a very important moment, and a real mission of the school. La Escolinha does not only provide uniform and fees: it also has to maintain its pupils in good health to learn!

To put all in a nutshell, our carnival week in Brazil could not begin in a better way: an authentic experience with Brazilian people.


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