The Edson Queiroz Foundation

The  Edson Queiroz foundation was created in 1971 whose aim is to help the development of  the Northeast  Brazilian area, through education and vocational training. The foundation is supported by the Edson Queiroz Group which is one of the largest conglomerates in Brazil. This group includes several huge companies like  Indaiá, Esmaltec, Nacionalgás.

Then, Fortaleza University was established in 1973 and maintained by Edson Queiroz foundation since its creation.





The main foundation’s mission is to develop and support activities which provide benefits for everybody.

Thus Edson Queiroz Foundation, through the University of Fortaleza, encourages many  social responsibility projects as the Yolanda Queiroz Primary School. There is also a project  called “Education and health on learning discovery” which consists in teaching patients with chronic kidney insufficiency , how to read and write during their dialysis.

Therefore, the students of the University can involve in many social responsibility projects in different fields such as  health, education, sports, art and culture. For example, Medicine students take part in the project “NAMI” (Centre of Integrated Medical Attention). This centre is acknowledged for the quality of its free medical care, as successful as private hospitals. It helps poor people, treating them free, and works as a research centre  and an internship hospital for the medicine and psychology students.

Besides, various projects refer to law like the “Active Citizenship Project “. Volunteer students and professors teach basic notions of citizenship and law to people belonging to different communities of Fortaleza. Their actions are as different as meetings, lectures and visits to law offices.

Finally, Airton José Vidal Queiroz, the current president of the foundation, has also created a cultural space where free art exhibitions are organized all year round. Thus, many exhibitions of international artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Ruben, Rembrandt, Miró, took place in Unifor. Through, its cultural space, the foundation democratizes  knowledge of art, history and culture from different countries.

Teatro Celina Queiroz

Teatro Celina Queiroz


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